Insights into The Global Group UK Investor Show

“I’ve been asked to write some missives in the lead up to the Global Group UK Investor Show on Saturday 21st May.

It’s an event I always enjoy, as I have previously been able to interview Nigel Wray and some of his wisdom seeps into me (and everyone else in the room) by osmosis. Be careful when you sell, he always advises, because you create a tax event and by the time you pay the CGT, it’s often the case that you were better off holding.

I also enjoy wandering around the booths, discovering all these tiny and unusual businesses. Last year there was the most beautiful Spyker C8 Spyder convertible roadster parked on the forecourt. I stood and admired it for several minutes thinking, “Gosh I would like to own one of those, but where would I park it?”.

But as I walked round the booths I discovered I could actually own it. One young businessman was starting a business by the name of The Car Crowd, where you could own shares in classic cars. So I might own a tenth of that vehicle. He takes care of all the storage and so on. The cars are kept in mint condition and eventually – only after the price has appreciated of course – you can either sell your share, or the entire car. (Not if you’re Nigel – you hold!)

Classic cars, I gather, have been a pretty good investment over the years, it’s not like they’re making any more of them and they are so much more characterful than today’s vehicles. These days I can’t tell the difference between a Jaguar and a Vauxhall. So the scarcity factor should see the value of classic cars continue to appreciate.

So that’s what I like about the Show. Discovering all these unusual businesses, meeting the imaginative entrepreneurs who have put them together, and listening to the passionate way with which they speak about their ventures.”

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