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Q&A with Dr Johnny Hon, Chairman of The Global Group, Part 3.

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We are very pleased to share with you the final part of our Q&A with Dr. Johnny Hon. Find out why Dr Hon believes the Global Group UK Investor Show is beneficial to companies and investors alike, and what he is most looking forward to about the show in May 2021. Please comment and join the discussion below.

15. The Global Group and its family of companies is very diverse in regards to the industries it is involved in, how crucial is that same principle for the private investor?

After developing a mainstream of business, a company can consider diversifying their risks. Diversification helps one to sustain even when facing big changes in the global economy, such as Brexit.

In the case of Global Group, it is our pleasure to be able to work with so many brilliant entrepreneurs and investors across a range of industries. We have been able to help entrepreneurs with their business strategies and, in some cases, have become one of their investors. Further opportunities also arise to establish joint ventures with these great partners. Investors come from around the world, which enables us to learn and explore new trends throughout different industries and in different geographical locations. It is important to look into new trends and explore new opportunities or partnerships as these new opportunities may contribute to the future of your own company.

16. The Global Group invests in a vast array of markets with venture capital investment funding focusing primarily on Media and Entertainment, Fintech and Biotechnology. What is the most exciting characteristic of these markets?

These markets have had continuous improvement and growth. While the media and entertainment industry has the most rapid way of enhancing branding, it also helps to build up an international network with people around the world. These connections help Global stay connected with established industry professionals as well as finding new talents along the way. On the other hand, fintech and biotechnology will be one of the leading industries in the coming decades. The rapid growth and ideas will help to contribute to society in the future. These two markets are very exciting and I look forward to seeing both industries strive for improvement in the coming years.

17. The Global Group offers seed funding for startup businesses enabling them to get their feet off the ground, how valuable do you believe seed funding is for a startup company?

It’s very valuable. Having been in the industry for so long, we see that there are startup companies who have brilliant ideas that could have been useful to the world, but without someone to support them and push them a bit further, their dream will stay as a dream. Being able to seed fund for these companies has always been a pleasure and thus enables us to contribute to the future growth of the business world.

18. Investing in an IPO is a straightforward process that is accessible to many investors, the Global Group has worked to offer pre-IPO financing. What benefits does this financing hold for a company?

Pre-IPO financing can provide the necessary development capital to enable the company in moving towards IPO. There are many cases where a company has had a great innovative business and management team but lacks funds, where pre-IPO financing would be a good option for them. These funds enable the company to grow and increase their chance of success and investors funding in pre-IPO can be financially very rewarding after the company does an IPO.

19. The Global Group has been involved with the UK Investor Show for a number of years, what benefits do you feel the UK Investor Show provides potential companies looking for investment? 

The UK Investor Show offers a highly beneficial platform for people and businesses looking for investment by establishing a straightforward and effective environment for people to communicate and learn about investment opportunities. As a family run operation, the UK Investor Show appeals to everyone from leading entrepreneurs to those who are new to the investment arena. The event offers attendees the chance to listen and learn from expert industry speakers and talk with leading CEOs of companies, all to gain insight on future trends. It’s a gathering of the best in business and a great platform for anyone who is interested in making educated investment decisions.

20. What do you feel the key benefits are for the private investor when attending the Global Group UK Investor Show?

The Global Group UK Investor Show provides a platform that helps private investors stay connected with each other. Here, you’ll be able to learn new trends and advice from world leading entrepreneurs and business experts and experienced investors. You may also be able to make lifelong contacts and friends. With exhibitions and talks, private investors are exposed to different new businesses and opportunities in different industries. This broadens one’s horizon and will surely be beneficial to all who attend.

21. What are you most looking forward to about the Global Group UK Investor Show in May? 

With all that has taken place in 2020, I am really looking forward to seeing the investment world join back together as soon as possible, looking for opportunity with open minds and great optimism. I firmly believe the attendees are going to approach the UK Investor Show with a dynamic perspective and new ideas and I am looking forward to seeing the anticipation and eagerness towards the event stronger than ever.